Not enough driven: 1977 Ferrari 308 GT4


Differently from how it seems, the seller of this 308 GT4 says that the car runs very good as he cares to drive it at least around the block to keep the engine and the other mechanical parts in good running order.


He also says that he has a lot of receipts of the previous works done on the car which has actually 93,000 miles which is said to run good.


This U.S. delivery car looks however not so bad: interiors have some issues around the driver seats but they look quite unmolested: probably they need a deep cleaning but, apart from those things, they may be fine as they are. The paint has to be redone but it’s not that bad. A car which has issues, of course, but for the asking price they’re definitely a minor sin. Find it for sale at $32,000 (o.b.o.) here in Sugarland, TX.


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