400 made: 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV Turbodelta


400 specimens only of these very special Alfetta GTV were built starting from 1979: it was the beginning of the first Turbo era and so, also Alfa Romeo decided to build its own interpretation of a supercharged machine.


The external features of this special Alfetta were the matt black hood with two additional air vents and the colored side stripes with the “Turbodelta”. But the meat is under the hood where the stock twin cam, 2000 c.c. Alfa Engine was mated to a turbine designed and built by the Alfa Romeo aircraft division, Alfa Avio.


This particular car is said to have a rebuilt engine and gearbox by a specialized Alfa shop; the engine has actually only 800 kms from the rebuild. The car itself is a preserved specimen which looks, at least from the photos, in very good shape: interiors looks nice and the engine bay is very clean. This is not a cheap ca but, at least, you don’t see one for sale very often. Find it for sale at €56,000 (today $64,000) here in Bergamo, Italy.

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