Four digits plate: 1951 Lancia Aurelia B10


This 1951 Aurelia B10 is one of the best specimens we’ve ever seen: the seller says that it was never restored and that’s actually hard to believe it.

ScreenShot_20160513233954 ScreenShot_20160513233858

Of course it often happens to find preserved specimens of these V6 sedans built by lancia in the early fifties: back then these were expensive cars and they were often well cared by their wealthy owners and so it often happens to find specimens in very good original conditions.


This one, however, doesn’t look just good: if this car really hasn’t been ever restored it means that this is simply the best preserved B10 we’ve seen so far: interiors look perfect in any way and so the body; unfortunately there is just one bad photo of the engine bay but what we can spot is reaaly good. It would be very interesting to inspect this car everywhere, it could be a unique opportunity. Find it for sale at £21,500 (today $31,000) here in Pescara, Italy.


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