Yellow heart: 1968 Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce

Screen Shot 03-21-16 at 07.38 PM 001

This 1750 GT Veloce (chassis # AR1531198) is said to be a super solid car and, indeed, we are quite astonished by how this car looks solid and rustless.

Screen Shot 03-21-16 at 07.38 PM

The good (for us) it’s that the original color of this car is the same Ochre Yellow of the GTV published last friday: maybe not everyone likes it but, in our opinion, that color is the best on the GT breed.

Screen Shot 03-21-16 at 07.37 PM

The bad, on the other side, is that the car has not its original engine (type 548) which is one of the most wanted Alfa engine of that period: now the car comes with the engine and transmissin coming from a 2000. The front bumper is with the car but other parts are still missing: the good is that the beautiful original seats (the same seats of the GTA) are still there. Find it for sale here in New Buffalo, MI, with bidding at $1,300 and reserve not met.

One thought on “Yellow heart: 1968 Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce

  1. totally agree about Ochre Yellow…one of, if not the, best Alfa colors. i like that the owner sourced a euro manifold for the carb conversion too. there doesnt seem to be a reserve so it’ll be very interesting to see what this goes for. someone could get a hell of a deal.


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