Late car: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce


This 750E Giulietta (chassis #1493E*23895) is one of the latest cars produced with that model tag: it has already some characters of the 101 series like the bigger headlights, different front grilles and heart along with a different engine code (106), but still it’s a Veloce.


The first impression which comes to mind watching the photos is of an extremely solid car: that’s quite impossible to spot any rust area, other than this the body looks straight: maybe because, as the seller says, this car had a partial restoration from a renown shop; that restoration was never finished also by the actual seller who has other project in his hands.

What we don’t understand exactly is why 750 has a 101 series Veloce engine: we would expect to see a type 1315 on a car like this; however, if you know a little bit the Alfa history, you’ll also know how “creative” could the production line be during those years. So, if you want to make this car as good as a concours car probably you don’t need to worry about the metal work: this is not a mission for the braves but just for whoever has enough time and money to make this car perfect in a quite short time. Find it for sale here in Hawthorne, CA, with bidding at $17,600 and reserve not met.

One thought on “Late car: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce

  1. This is a transition model near the end of the production run so anything was possible on the assembly line. The 750 or the later 106 engine could have been what was next in the bin when the car came down the line. A great car for restoration and certainly a car worth the expense to do so as there are so few of them. I have asked the seller to verify the chassis number and if possible the Bertone body number. The current seller is using the same exact photos as what was posted by the previous seller.


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