Bent window: 1953 Porsche 356


March 10

Here it is again, this time on eBay, with current bidding at $60,000 and reserve price not met. Thanks to reader Brian for this tip.

January 30, 1015

In 1953 the 356 was still made using a bent windshield as well as in 1954 (the last year of this feature), but 1953 was the last year in which these cars were built without the front grilles near the turn signals.


That’s a little difference for the car but often is a big one for classic Porsche enthusiast and collectors: this particular car has a lot of sings of the time but it’s a good car to submit to a full restoration: the seller says that it has still all the original glasses and that all the panels have matching numbers.


The seller has also posted (in a link apart) many other photos of the undercarriage which has been poorly repaired. The engine is not original anymore but is a good running 356C unit: of course this could be a great candidate for a “outlaw” project, maybe fixing the rotten areas and leaving the paint as is. Its price is not low but a restored 356 of the same year fectches a much higher price than this one. Find it for sale at $88,000 (o.b.o.) here in Phoenix, AZ.

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