Perfect match: 1971 VW-Porsche 914-6


We all know that these cars were badged also as Volkswagen as Porsche wanted to test the waters to check if the market would appreciate something different from the iconic 911. Actually Porsche made a great job with this car but, unfortunately, the 911 was not yet ready to leave the scepter to another car.


So these have been considered the poor man’s Porsche: the truth is that this car is better than the 911 in many ways. The middle-mounted engine, the ultra low center of gravity and the “modern” lines make this car still good now, and indeed more and more people have begun to appreciate it, especially during the last 10 years.


This specimen looks really good, especially for the color combo: we find that the black on tan fits perfectly this car which, by the way, is said to be a matching number 914-6 and that’s a rare thing as many of these engine have been broken and then replaced during the past years. The underside looks dry and we suppose that this is a car which could be joined as is, maybe just after a major service. Find it for sale at $54,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.

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