Hybrid body: 1962 Fiat 1600S Coupé by Pininfarina


When we saw this ad we believed that the seller put the wrong description: the car looked like a 1500S Coupé, but actually the seller explains this discrepancy.


Indeed this car is said to have been built in november 1962 whilst the “official” build year of the 1600S is 1963: the seller says that this is a 1600S (engine type 118b) which still has the same body (we will add: the same front end with the trapeze grill and the narrow hood scoop) of the previous model: this should be a very rare combination.


The car in itself looks good: the paintjob is just average but the engine bay is correct and the engine is said to be newly rebuilt: this is a nice unit with a double overhead camshaft and a couple of Weber carburetors: this was basically the competitor of the contemporary Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Veloce. However, this car doesn’t come alone: the asking price includes also a 1500S Spider, completely disassembled but with the metal work already done: a good opportunity to have your O.S.C.A. collection. Find it for sale at €40,000 (today $43,500) here in Parma, Italy.


4 thoughts on “Hybrid body: 1962 Fiat 1600S Coupé by Pininfarina

  1. Salve Virus; I think you are, like me, a fan of these Pf coupes – this one is a great find. If you look at the “Auto d”Epoca” article on these (July-August 1992), they claim the 1600S first appeared in 1962 with the series 1 body. The 2nd series look appeared in 1963 (the wider grill opening, no hood scoop, etc). If so, this is still a pretty rare car – perhaps built for only a few months before the switch to series 2 – among Pf coupes, which are pretty rare to begin with.


  2. Hello Richard, I didn’t now that these were built since the end of ’62 in this shape, so what you say it’s a definitive confirmation of what the seller says. Yes I love these cars, both for their lines and for that special engine underrated for many years. An expert told me that these engines are hard to fine tune (they’re less reliable than Alfa Romeo units), but they still are a fine piece of italian engineering.


  3. Hallo. I ‘ve exactly the same car. It is a FIAT 1600S Typ 118SA Coupé Pininfarina built from October 1962 to March 1963. The estimate is a total of about only 50 identically cars. The car on the photos does not have the oroginal seats (they are from a 118 SB model 3.63 to 66). I’ve also some doupts about the said conversion to the none original carbs. I think this conversion has been made later than in 62 (maybe together with a small fresh up of the seats. If anyone has questions about ths car I’ll try to give an answer. Regards from Switzerland. B. Walker


  4. Nice to hear about B Walker’s similar car. The Auto D’Epoca article mentions further tuning could have been done by OSCA. Perhaps that would explain the bigger Weber carbs and what looks like an OSCA badge above the front grille.


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