Coachbuilt pickup: 1934 Fiat 508 Van by Bertone


Back in the last century coachbuilders were not only involved in producing cars for wealthy and whimsical people but also for workers with taste.


This pickup is the proof of that: we used to know that many commercial vehicles were built on the platforms of mass production cars, especially of Fiat and Lancia, but we’ve never seen one of these trucks built by Bertone coachworks which, before the WWII, was owned and directed by Nuccio’s father, Giovanni.


Of course design was in the DNA of Bertone family and indeed, if you look at the trucks built in the same period, this one seems built at least ten years later: the flush mounted headlights and the sloped windscreen put this commercial vehicle out of the crowd. This particular pickup has been clearly restored in every area: there is a nice job made on the wood both inside and outside and it seems it has two set of wheels: a solid and a wired one. But, most of all, the asking price is lower than the cost of the restoration alone. Find it for sale at €28,000 (today $30,000) here in the city of Alfa Romeo, Arese, Italy.


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