Psychedelic paint job: 1962 Kellison J6 Roadster


This Kellison J6 is said to be one of only 500 made and it clearly shows a psychedelic paint which for sure dates back sometimes between the late sixties and the mid seventies.


It’s the first time we see a Kellison with its roof chopped, and we must say that we like it. It is probably removed when this car joined some drag races in the past, and this is also the reason why it had such bold paint job: emerald green with gold stripes it’s a very nice combo. And, the flush mount taillights are a very tasteful detail.


The seller says that the car has a rebuilt engine, a munchie four speed transmission and several spare parts, among which there are also a set of instruments from an Alfa Romeo Giulietta (!); the seller also says that he was going to repaint this car in red but we believe that it would have been a bad choice: this car deserves to be repainted with the actual pattern. Find it for sale at $20,000 here in Chicago, IL.


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