Bruce’s Burgundy: 1967 Ford Mustang 390GT Fastback


I remember, not more than 10 years ago (when I yet started to scrutinise every classic car ad all around the world) that it was plenty of ’67 GT 390 fastback for sale and you could bring home a concours specimen for no more than $35K.


Of course time passes (and inflation grows) so for that amount you are lucky if you can find a specimen in average conditions: this car looks just like that. It looks a correct car with some valuable features: console, rev counter, original build sheet when you can see that the first owner was Bruce from NM. And, last but not least, a four speed gearbox.


The car has also four mag wheels (which, in our opinion, are way too wide for this car). of the good is that this car looks very dry: some exception are some areas on the bottom of doors; the seller says that the car hasn’t been washed with water (!) but with spray bottle cleaners: that’s not so good for the paint. The engine installed is not original but the original unit comes with the car. Find it for sale at $36,000 here in Wichita, KS.

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