A bad day, a new life: 1952 Porsche 356 Coupè


This is one of those cases where the pictures do not fully correspond to the truth.

ScreenShot003Indeed under that odd “skin” is hidden the chassis and mechanicals of a 1952 Porsche 356 (once coupé, VIN #11471): to make a long story short, the car was bought new and brought to a race where it had a bad day: the car rolled and the body was totalled; for God’s sake a good man had the idea to rebody the car with typical mid-late fifties shapes: the result is not great at all but at least “the car” has survived to the present day.


Now one of the bad of this car is that it has not the original engine: the actual engine is a VW unit and neither is from ’52 or close: finding a correct engine is possible but expensive, as you could easily imagine. The body: ok that’s quite ugly but, at the end of the day: is a body made in the fifties. It’s actually a part of the history itself; maybe it can be removed but not scrapped. We’re really curious about how high is the reserve price of this “little bastard”. Find it for sale here in Garland, TX, with bidding at $18,100 and reserve not met.

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