Fixed white: 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider


This white Giulia Spider is stationary since so many years that now its brakes are stuck: if you want this car then begin to conceive how to solve this problem.


At least the seller says that the brakes have this problem which is not the only one: the engine too doesn’t turn but, in the end, this is a car which needs to be entirely restored so you should rebuild it in any case. This car is now white but we bet this one was born painted in stone grey: at least the engine bay color tells us that.


The good is that this car doesn’t look rotten: ok there will be rust on the floors and door sills as usual (and maybe something on the trunk floor) but the overal look is of a solid car: it lacks some chrome trim and at least one rim is not original, on the other side the cars has a valuable hardtop which is not easy to find. Interiors look original too and so the engine bay setup: definitely a nice car to start from. Find it for sale at €22,000 (today $25,000) here in Pojana Maggiore, Italy.

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2 Responses to Fixed white: 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider

  1. vladtise says:


    I have some questions:

    1- what’s the difference between Giulietta and Giulia? there’s also a lot of Giuletta Spiders out there for sale.

    2- how many Giulia Spiders were built?




  2. Classicvirus says:

    The Giulia had a 1.6L engine, different clocks and, only on 64 e 65 cars, front disc brakes. The bonnet had also a fake air intake.

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