Don’t look further: 1969 Opel 1900 GT


Yes, that’s it: if you are looking for a 1900 GT, we suspect that you won’t find a better car at this asking price. Maybe you won’t find a better 1900 GT at all.


It’s a 1900 Gt from 1969 which is said to have still its original paint all around, no rust and, just for the pleasure of the papers fetishist, the full owner’s set: manual, service book and assistance book.


Other than that, this car had one owner only, the original black plate and a stiking color combo: blue with red vynil interiors. The photos can’t tell everything but usually they’re a good starting point to evaluate a car: this one pretty convinces us. Find it for sale at €11,650 (today $13,000) here in Bari, Italy.


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