Forget Villa d’Este: 2015 Vernasca Silver Flag


Personally I’m becoming a little bit tired of static shows which, too often, are just a runway for cars which, too often again, are shiny for sure but sometimes are not properly restored (that doesn’t mean they are restored badly, of course, but that they are restored more in order to amaze than respecting how they were really built).


Also, it must be added that too often those shows have became a “fashion” moment, and that’s not good for the true petrolheads. Then there are shows like Vernasca Silver Flag where you actually see these cars roaring along a narrow road which climbs up the hill, where you more easily can touch cars, smell them and talk with other true enthusiasts.


This event is actually a “little Goodwood”, and I believe that its beauty will last as long as it will remain not so famous; you can see beautiful and rare cars as well, along with many famous cars guys like Henri Pescarolo and the Montecarlo rally legend Sandro Munari pushing the same Stratos which made him win its last Montecarlo. Enjoy these cars through the slideshow below. iOS users please click here to see them.

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