Steel, rubber & wood: 1965 International Harvester Scout 80


We believe that for a true petrolhead, nothing is more seductive than simplicity, so this scout 80 is the quintessence of such concept.


It is one of the first series Scout built by International Harvester: they took from Jeep the basics wrapping them in a recreational car which was for sure simple and clean, but at the same time it could be used by a family which needed an utility car which can afford dirty roads as well.


Of course the great plus of this vehicle is the removable roof: when we see it we think more at driving it along a shore than in a dirty country road, but we suspect that this car could do both things without issues. The seller says that he’s the second owner of this car, given by the first owner to a trader in order to buy another car: it still has the original paint and overall it’s a “9 on 10” car; indeed the seller says that he has a lot of invoice about works performed during the last years. The price of this proto-SUV is not light but we suppose that if you are a Scout enthusiast, there’s not much around as good as this one. Find it for sale at $34,000 (o.b.o.) here in San Francisco, CA.


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