White declension: 1967 Simca 1200S Coupé by Bertone


Once we said that France is the place where to buy a Simca: facts prove that we are right.


This is a white Simca 1200S (quite rare in this shade) which, although it’s not in outstanding condition, is for sure a very nice driver. It has been resprayed for sure but the overall conditions are good: engine bay is clean and, after all, it has a stock look, even if there are some details to be fixed.


Nothing bad to say about interiors which are as they’re supposed to be: veneer dashboard and vinyl seats are correct for this car, and they seem quite in good shape. The Cromodora mag wheels are a nice – period correct – touch. The seller seems honest as he says that there is the 2nd gear synchro which must be replaced, but he says that the engine has been rebuilt as well. If there is no (or just superficial) rust, this is a Simca to buy. Find it for sale at €13,900 (today $15,000) here in Ligueil, France.

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