Original aircooled bavarian: 1964 BMW 700 Coupé


Today we’re used to know BMW as medium-luxury cars but this market positioning hasn’t been always the same.


Indeed after WWII the bavarian firm was totalled and it had to begin from the lower level: Isetta saved it from bankruptcy but soon after that model they called Michelotti to design a small, economic and reliable car for the masses.


Of course this was not a car for the masses: that was economic for sure but only in relative terms: this car costed much more than, for examle, a french or an italian equivalent and so it had not a great success; that’s why these cars are very rare nowadays. This in particular is the Coupé version: much more pretty than the Saloon which had a bulky roof line. This is said to be a survivor which had one owner only for 40 years: actually everything which can be spotted from the photos tells us that’s the truth. Find it for sale at €11,900 (today $12,500) here in Pesaro, Italy.

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