Extra dry bug: 1959 Abarth 750 Sestriére by Zagato


We know that “Bug” is the nick officially reserved to Volkswagen Beetle, but this cute tiny car, painted in its original (and now faded) black really looks like a little insect.


Many of us have seen, during the last years, a lot of these cars in desperate conditions, full of rust holes and often without a lot of important parts, especially interiors trims, but for this car things are different.


Indeed it looks like and extremely solid and dry car with every part in its place: interiors are basically untouched and have the true patina which you’d expect from a car unuse during the last 30 years. Sure, there is a hole (repaired) on the floor but it’s the bare minimum for an Abarth so old. The only real defect is the missing engine: it’s hard to find another one. Find it for sale at $85,000 here in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

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