Mixin’ series: 1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint


It’s not the first time we see some mix on classic Alfa’s, but this time it’s hard to understand what’s the truth.


Indeed the seller says that this is a 1957 car but almost everuthing tells us that this is a 101 series, not a 750. The front clip, the grills, the rear fins and their lights all belong to a 101 series but the problem rises when we see the instruments cluster which is of a type 750: the only way to know what’s correct is to see the chassis number but not photo of it has been provided by the seller.


Said so, the seller says that the car is almost rustless (wait for sand-blasting the body before being so sure of it) and that the car has original interiors and that’s  complete car. For sure it is, but the value spread between a 750 and a 101 is not little, so check the chassis number before bidding. Find it for sale here in “United States” with bidding at $15,000 so far.

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