Enclosed cat: 1962 Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Coupé


It was a long time ago since we didn’t see a barn find E-Type belonging to the first series: this means that some cars are still floating “out there”.


This Coupé is painted in red and many could think that it’s the typical “resale red” used in the past on many sports cars, but the seller says that the red of this car is the original shade: not usual at all for an E-Type, so we imagine that in this sense it’s a rare car.


Of course this cat, like every Jaguar of its generation has rust problems in the usual places: so be ready to buy new floors and to apply patches here and there; however the good is that the car has an good original overall aspect and the shape of the engine bay confirms that the car has not be abused in the past: of course this car has to be redone completely but, starting from an honest car is always a better thing. Find it for sale at $48,500 here in Marietta, GA.

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