Autodelta 16v hardcore: 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT gr.5


Update, june 13: here is the car offered here at the next Artcurial auction with an estimate price of €210,000 – 270,000 (today $284,000 – 365,000). Next time follow our suggestions!

July 22, 2013: The first time we saw this car we couldn’t understand why the seller wrote 16v into the description. After a check with some experts, we realize that this engine has a real ultra-rare 16 valves head by Autodelta, not much used back then as it was not as successful as the engineers believed. The description says that this engine, fed by a GTAm injection, produces 220 h.p. so, at least, it should be a 1750 c.c. unit (the 16 valves head was installed also on some 1300 cc. units).


The seller says that this setup has been made during the ’70’s and that he can also provide some period photos. The cockpit has still the original dashboard but the rest is made according to race specifications.


The seller says also that the engine alone costed to him €37,000: we wonder if he’s speaking of the rebuilding: in this case it has been very expensive. The car seems to be built according to group 5 specifications, including flares (which are not riveted) and the external fuel filler. Find it for sale at €55,000 (today $72,000) here in Noceto, Italy.

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