Cosmetics only: 1965 Porsche 912


This early 912 is said to come from New Mexico so it’s  supposed to be a solid car. The seller says that the floors are new as they were replaced by the previous owner. Produced in 1965, it was titled in 1966.


Unfortunately (for the buyers, not for the sellers) we’ve realized that the prices on these cars, trailered by the sky-rocketing pre-bumpers 911 quotations, are dangerously rising so, if you’re are interested in buying the classic 911 lines but you don’t have at least $50k to spend on them, this is a cheap (so far) option.


This car was once painted in Light Ivory, a very nice shade, much better than the obvious silver which can be seen now. Seats and steering wheel are not correct but the original door panels will come with the car. No mention about the engine which looks almost correct but we don’t know if it’s the factory equipment. It’s basically a car which, if not paid much, offers many options: from driving it as is to a resto-mod or bringing it back to its original spec. Find it for sale here in Brook Park, OH, with bidding at $8,500 and reserve not met.

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