Italian nomad: 1957 Fiat Giardinetta “Sleeping” by Viotti


This 1957 Giardinetta Viotti “Sleeping” is basically the italian, small equivalent of the american Chevy Nomad, as a two door station wagon.


Back then, this car had quite a good selling success as it was the ideal car for the big families where the baby-boomers were growing. However, it was not a cheap car: it had few refinement which set this car on a higher level than the stock Fiat 1100 on which it is based.


Said, so, nowadays it’s a very rare car to be found: very few of these have survived and this spectaclular specimen is one of those. The seller says that it has been restored and such restoration has been documented through a lot of photos. Unfortunately these are the only things he says. However, it looks in immaculate conditions and, with the superb silver/light blue two tone paint and the original black plate, you ca’t ask more than that. Find it for sale at €50,000 (today $70,000) here in Bari, Italy.

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