Cheaper is harder/2: 1972 Lancia Fulvia Coupé HF 1600


Yes, cheaper is harder, at least to find a 1600 HF like this one. Basically this is a “Fanalone” without big headlights but with the same engine and interiors.


Apart from the stunning color – a sort of metallic bronze – the car looks ultra clean, detailed and with every part in its place. The seller says that interiors have been redone with the correct material by Trinchero, a world leading firm in providing classic cars upholstery materials.


The seller says also that the engine has been rebuilt 1,200 kms ago, the carburetors have been rebuilt and the whole ignition system is new. 120 hp on a 1,900 pounds car are pure fun, and even better if mated with such exquisite good-looking. Find it for sale at €22,000 (today $30,500) here in Novara, Italy.


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