Dropping wind: 1975 Maserati Bora 4.9


This is one of the 235 Bora 4.9 made and, needless to say, it needs a lot of work to shine again.


At fist glance it looks like it caught fire sometime in the past but the seller doesnt’ say anything about it. More probably this is the result of a stalled restoration project like many other cars on the market which, before such projects, were probably good drivers. This Bora has been partially disassembled and, as the seller says, some parts have been lost during the years.


These parts are not minor as they should be something like rear glasses, one of the headrests and the rear bumper. On the other side, the car comes with the parts manual and owner’s manual. The reserve price is not met yet but this car needs a huge amount of money to be brought back to the original conditions so if you are going to make an offer, do your homework. Find it for sale here in Brook Park, OH, with bidding just over $20,000 and reserve not met.


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