Razor-sharp edge: 1964 Fiat 1600S O.S.C.A. by Savio


The seller says that this car was made in 1954 but actually it was built ten years later, as in 1954 there wasn’t any Fiat 1600S nor a Fiat d.o.h.c. engine: we suppose that it’s simply a misprint.



However, this car is a real Fiat 1600S OSCA dressed by Savio, a well known coachbuilder born and raised in the coachbuilder city: Torino, Italy. The seller says that this car is a one-off car and indeed every book says the same thing. There are period photos of this car and so we can say that basically this car has not changed since then, with the only exception of the wire wheels instead of the stock Fiat steel equipment.


Around the web there are also some photos of the previous restoration which seems to have been done during the ’90’s. The tipycal feature of this car is the sharp steel trim installed on the nose which, maybe, is a son of the rocket-age. However it is, this is a special car and the asking price reflects it. But, for the same reason, this car deserves a better presentation. Find it for sale at €100,000 (today $136,000) here in Paternò, Italy.

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