Six-footer bluette: 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider


Such a pleasure to see, once in life, a ‘blue 750 Giulietta Spider , moreover mated with a red interior. Of course no one but the Registro Alfa Romeo can confirm that those are the original colors so it could be possible to do a quick check if you have the chassis number of the Alfa you are interested in.


This car is described as a driver and, indeed, it looks like a typical six-footer: if you narrow your sight there could be many wrong details (and not only details) to fix, beginning from the rev counter and steering wheel which are not original at all.


The seller says that the clutch is new and that it has Weber carburetors: the carburetor should be one only so probably the engine of this car is not original. The trunk floor too looks fixed with a huge steel sheet which should be replaced. If this 750D Giulietta wears these colors since new, it’s a very particular specimen and it could be worthy the financial effort to restore it, otherwise it should be better to look for a better car. Find it for sale at $33,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.

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