Japanese flat-four: 1961 Porsche 356 “Outlaw”


This is the typical “stalled project”: a Porsche 356 to be transformed in “outlaw style” but, this time, using a flat-four Subaru WRX Turbo engine and transmission: that’s what we call “lateral thinking”.


That’s a really strange idea: for sure it’s the first time we see such choice as the typical engine used in these kind of project are from Porsche 912 or, sometimes, from a 911/914 2.0 (with this option the cylinders are six, of course): a brave option for sure. Said so, a lot of work has been already done on this car and it seems that it has been performed by expert hands: the seller has also posted a video of the engine running here.


This car is also equipped with a set of Porsche 944 Turbo suspensions and brakes which are needed to stop the car which, in this configuration, should be very fast: we wonder if the body has been properly reinforced as it couldn’t stand the increased power. The front end has been replaced with one made for an early 356, we think to make the car look like a proper early outlaw. This car seems a very nice semifinished: doing the rest of the job with the right details it’s up to you and your wallet. Find it for sale at £38,000 (today $62,000) here in UK.

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