Landespolizei: 1957 BMW Isetta


“Landespolizei” means “State Police” in german language and yes, the car which saved BMW from bankruptcy was also used from german police for their road tasks: hard to think how this little bug could afford a pursuit of a Porsche 356 or of a Mercedes SL.


This particular car had clearly benefitted by a ground-up restoration to bring it back to the same conditions of 1958: we don’t know the exact specifications of these cars when new but we can’t spot any Police radio inside the cockpit.


The seller says that the flashing blue light is the original and working Eisemann RKLE 90 along with twin, modulating Bosch Supertone sirens. Mechanically this car will not give you thrills but it doesn’t matter. Don’t be astonished for the asking price: at the beginning of the current year, another similar car has been sold by RM auctions for $75K. Find it for sale at $50,000 here in Santa Barbara, CA.

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