Time machine: 1959 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL


We’ve seen many Mercedes 190 SL for sale, some were in desperate conditions, some perfectly restored, many good drivers but we’ve never seen a car like this, in such original and preserved conditions. The seller says that the first and only owner bought this car in 1963 from Mercedes-Benz of Hollywood, for $2,794. Many years later he passed away but his sons didn’t want to part with this car, so it layed alone in a garage.


This cars carries its original black plate and dealer frame: this car has benefitted of some work to make it road worthy but basically the body has been steam cleaned only, so the car can now show its original paint and chrome. Interiors are exactly how you’d expect them to be in a preserved car.


The engine bay is not in a concours level, of course: it depends from what kind of concours you have in mind. As a preserved car, it still carries the original and almost complete tools bag, jack and boot cover, along with the original sun visors. This car gives us also the opportunity to see how the original floors should look. Not a cheap 190 SL, but finding another one in the same original conditions could be a very unlikely challenge. Find it for sale at $99,000 here in Costa Mesa, CA.

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