Rally spec: 1975 Toyota Celica 1600 GT TA22


The Celica was born in 1970 and since then it was produced in several versions, up to TA35 type. Alle these models belong to what is generally known as the first series. This particular car is pushed by an inline-four 1600 c.c. DOHC engine producing 100 h.p. in the LT version. We think that this model is the cutest of the Celica breed.


This particular car is speculated to be one of 25 officially imported to Italy even if it has been produced for the U.S. market, and that it’s one of 8 actually survived so far in Italy. The seller says also that this car has 70,000 kms from new. This car is dressed like a proper rally car, with a christmas tree spots set and plastic fenders. The paint scheme is very nice and the Minilite wheels are a perfect touch to such ’70’s look.


Although the seller doesn’t provide any detailed photo of the critical areas, this car has a very healthy look, both from outside and inside: interiors look immaculate so we think that this car has the rally look but it has been used most likely to be shown. Find it for sale at €10,000 (today $13,600) here in Verbania, Italy.

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