Caged bavarian: 1972 BMW 2002 Tii


This 1972 BMW 2002 is one of the “Tii” series which could boast, when new, something around 130 h.p. Back then these cars were protagonist of factory derived racing circuit, and this car was built for such purpose.


Not many know that this model, until mid-72, had an higher compression ratio so it was slightly faster than its successors. Originally it was equipped with a Kugelfischer fuel injection system which was built just to let these cars go faster than the ones equipped with carburetors. This particular car has a race setup (not full) but unfortunately it’s equipped with two Weber carburetors: the seller doesn’t say if he still has the fuel injection system.


Interiors are coherent with the rest of the car: a couple of racing seats and a full roll cage have been put in place, along some ancillary instrumets and a battery switch. The job done on this car seems made with a good attention to details: whatever you drive this car along a track or to your favourite supermarket, we suppose that this car will do a great job. Find it for sale at €15,500 (today $21,000) here in Monza (!), Italy.


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