Leichtwagen: 1973 BMW 3.0 CSL


Update, november 25: Ooops! Sold in few hours. Why aren’t we astonished?

Ok, three BMW in a week are a lot, especially for us but this one is too tasty to let it go without few words spent on it. It’s actually a 3.0 CSL, VIN 2275038, a sport evolution of the more known CSi: the L is for “Leicht” (Light). It’s a rare car which value is growing fast.


The “L” was obtained using aluminium for the moving parts of the body, a thinner metal sheet on the rest and lighter and thinner bumpers. The weight saving was more than 100 kgs which is a lot for a “mass” produced car. The engine is the same of the fatter sister but still an inline-six fed by a Kugelfischer MFI, producing 200 h.p.


Interiors shows a couple of Scheel sport seats, also used as an aftermarket replacement on Porsche 911. The sport steering wheel is beautiful and the odometer shows 80,000 kms: btw, the seller says that the engine has been rebuilt 1000 kms ago. If we were not involved with the Ghibli restoration, this car would be in our hands right now. Find it for sale at €38,500 (today $52,000) here in Roma, Italy.

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