Italian stallion: 1967 Ford Mustang GT 289 Fastback


It’s a rare thing to find an original import Ford Mustang in Europe; it’s even rarer to spot one in Italy and finding a GT 289 Fastback could be classified as unique. Italy (and, generally, Europe) has always been home of small cubic inches engine because of gas price, and in the same period in which the biggest italian engine was the Maserati Ghibli V8 unit with its 289 c.i., this car could even have an engine much bigger than that.


Being accurate, the seller doesn’t specify if this car is a 289 or a 390, but as he claims that this car has 325 h.p. so it should be a 390 but, as the reader’s comment say this is definitely a 289. It wears the classic Highland Green and the original black plate. It also has the beautiful and rare hubcaps which rarely can be spotted nowadays, even on concours restored specimens.


The sellers adds also that this is his family car since new and that it has been restored: interiors are very nice and, as an italian delivery car, it obviously has a four speed gearbox: it also show the rear orange turn lights which are quite impossible to find on a car like this. Find it for sale at €39,000 (today $51,000) here in Perugia, Italy.


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