Hardtop included: 1968 Datsun Fairlady 2000 Roadster


This little japanese roadster belongs to the last batch of Fairlady (SR311) produced, featuring the U20 sohc engine (2000 c.c. and 133 h.p.), front disc brakes and a taller windshield than its 1600 c.c. predecessor. Back then it should have been a cheaper alternative to italian and british roadsters.


Less than 2000 cars were produced back then, and this one has the original hardtop too. The seller says that in the last years this car benefitted of many mechanical works which are listed in the ad, but the seller admits that it still doesn’t run perfectly. Otherwise it seems in good general conditions.


Indeed the seller says that the car runs rich (a usual feature of SU carburetors) and that the engine pings when warm: more than an octane-related issue it could depend from a wrong timing. However, this is really a cheap (but nice and scarcer) alternative to the most expensive period rivals like Alfa and MG. Find it for sale at $6,900 here in Detroit, OR.


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