Yellow and RHD: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale


This ’64 SS has two oddities: the banana yellow paint and the right hand drive. Almost surely, the yellow paint was not a factory option but we have no sources to confirm that the lhd wasn’t an option as well. Only the Archivio Storico Alfa Romeo (Alfa Romeo Archive) can make clarity on this point.


It obviously is a big project but the body seems in good shape: the car is clearly missing one Fergat rim at least but finding another one will be not your biggest problem. The seller says that he chassis number is correct but he doesn’t mention anything about the many parts disassembled.


The seller doesn’t neither say if the engine type is correct for this car (remember that is quite impossible to speak of “matching numbers” for an Alfa Romeo): the engine type 121 is not easy to find as little more than 2,000 of them were made so it is important to solve this mistery. If you want to do these researches by yourself you can find this shark for sale at £38,500 (today $58,000) here in Exeter, UK.

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