Three-hundred: 1964 Fiat 1600S OSCA Coupé by Pininfarina

Not many know that only 300 Fiat Osca 1600S Coupé (type 118B) were made. As the classic car market is a little lunatic, we see other similar cars – take the Triumph Italia as example – which fectch many thousand dollars as 329 only were made. Actually we find that this coupé is even more pleasant than the Ruffino car, it doesn’t have the truck-like driving feeling, and it has a nice dohc engine which revs much more than the tractor-derived Triumph engine, along with a modern unibody chassis and a couple of front disc brakes.

This particular car looks very nice: seats are trimmed with leather, the dashboard is extremely nice, featuring two big instruments which include also the water temperature and the oil pressure indicators. The beautiful Nardi steering wheel (factory installed) is the appropriate touch to such sixties interior design.

These cars were designed and built by Pininfarina who stamped the body numbers on the trunk floor. We like this car from every angle and we believe that the asking price for such specimen is more than fair: at last, how many cars like this one have you seen for sale in the last years? Find this for sale at €xx,000 (today $xx,000) here in Sora, Italy.


3 thoughts on “Three-hundred: 1964 Fiat 1600S OSCA Coupé by Pininfarina

  1. I’m intrested in the car.Can you give me more information about this car,historique en more,and if possible some more pictures,engine … Where can i see the car and can you give me the name ,adress and the phone nr.of the owner please .


  2. Maybe it’s not clear but we don’t have any affiliation with the sellers of the cars that we review, unless it’s differently specified. So, what we know about this car is no more than what the ad says. If the link doesn’t work anymore it probably means that the car has been sold.


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