Needs paint and chrome: 1960 Abarth 850S Coupé Scorpione by Allemano


These coupes were built, of course, on the reliable Fiat 850 platform but, apart from this, they had few in common with their relative.


That’s because thwy were built in the Abarth factory in Corso Marche, Torino, starting by the Fiat chassis and, for this particular model, the chassis, suspensions and power unit were matched with a special coupé body hand made by Allemano coachworks, a shop with had a solid relationship with Karl Abarth.


This particular car has been partially restored: the body is said to be rustless and most of the metal work has been done, along with the interiors: the car though needs still some work to be properly finished. The point here is about the engine: the seller says that the 1000 c.c. engine has been rebuilt but we’re not aware of this model with that displacement: is it the correct 214 D/F unit? Find it for sale at $€69,900 (it is also advertised at $69,000) here in Paris, France). Thaks to Vlad for this suggestion!


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