Not many around: 1962 Lancia Appia Coupé by Pininfarina


The Lancia Appia coupé was built on the chassis of the Appia 3rd series, starting from 1959. The previous series had different taillights but it was not much different from this car, especially the slanting lines of the roof were the same. Many don’t know that this series was built in the Viotti factory as Pininfarina was too busy with other commissions.


This particular car is said to be mostly preserved: the seller says that interiors are upholstered with the correct Lancia cloth which, probably, is not the original one. However, interiors look very good and complete, including the valuable ashtray which was adopted also by period Maserati and Ferrari.


The seller doesn’t provide any photo of the engine bay but, watching the overall condition of the car, we believe that it will be nice. The two tone paint job was an original feature on every car of this breed. This is a cheaper and elegant option to the more inflated (and, in our humble opinion, less pleasant) Appia Convertibile by Vignale. Find it for sale at €14,000 (today $18,500) here in Pistoia, Italy.

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