Rare LHD: 1962 Austin 850 Super Seven


“Nimble and luxorious” were the words used by period advertising to give a brief description of this car. Indeed this car was really quick into the city traffic despite the 850 c.c. which produced 34 h.p.


This car is one of the many sold as “Austin Super Seven” instead of “Mini”: both brands were owned by British Motor Corporation. This particular car is said to be a rare lhd which has been completely restored in 2004 by the former owner who decided to sell it (along with an entire micro and small car collection) due to his age.


This car looks really good: it is very nicely detailed and every bit seems correct and properly restored. Moreover, we should agree with the fact that seldom if ever we’ve seen a 1962 mini with the the steering wheel on the left. Also the color is a perfect shade for this little car. Find it for sale at €15,000 (today $20,000) here in São joão da Madeira, Portugal.


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