Basic and rough: 1967 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale tribute car


This car is meant to be a replica/tribute/recreation of the legendary 33 Stradale produced in 9 units. Even then, the real 33 Stradale was unreachable for the 99.9% of the world population as it costed a huge 9,300,000 italian Lire (back then around $15,500), almost the 50% more than a Ferrari 275 GTB.


This car is said to be built by Greppi coachworks (Colico, Italy), a factory specialized in building replicas (at high level). Actually the bodywork seems good but still very rough, and it still needs a great amount of work hours to be finished.


Also the chassis has been built on purpose and it’s designed to accomodate a Montreal V8 engine which is actually disassembled. The choice of this engine is obvious, even if the only thing that a Montreal and a 33 engine have in common is to have eight cylinders. This is a good basis for a great replica but it must be handled by skilled hands; this means that once finished, costs will have easily cracked the $100K barrier. Find it for sale here in Hailey, ID, with bidding at $20,100 and reserve met.


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