Gold inside: 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Seville


Here it is one survivor of the 1,075 Eldorado Seville made in 1960. Actually, for us the ’60 Seville is The Cadillac: in that year the Caddy abandoned those huge (and somehow ridiculous) fins to adopt a couple of sleeker and elegant fins on the back end. The Seville had also a particular front/rear grilles, different from any other model, and the tri-power carb. setup.


This particular car have seen better days: although it seems complete and not abused, the new owner will have to deal with serious rust on the undercarriage and, basically, with a ground-up restoration.


However, starting with a complete car (the seller says that skirts and hubcaps come with the car) is always a good thing: differently from exterior, interior seems pretty good (in relative terms, obviously); not the same for the engine bay which screams for mercy. Huge effort needed here: will it be worth it? Maybe, as someone once said about classic cars, “you never pay a car too much, you could just buy it too soon”. Find it for sale at $12,000 here in Chicago, IL.

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