Lateral thinking: 1953 Fiat 1100-103 by Wendler


It’s almost puzzling to see a special 1100-103 Fiat built by a not-italian coachbuilder, but in this case we’re just before such case: this car has been built by german coachbuilder Wendler, the same guy who built the bodies of the Porsche RS 61 and some beautiful Volkswagen-based cars.


This car is said to be a one-off car commissioned by Mrs Edna Hill of the British Consulate General, Munich, who brought it back with her when she came back to UK, so it’s also a one owner car. It’s not the cutiest special Fiat built, but it has a special story: its lines remind us the Mercedes Typ 300 “Adenauer”, a car built in the same period.


The seller says that this car is based on a TV model: we doubt it as the carburetor is not the correct double throat of the TV; however, only the engine number could reveal the thruth. Interiors are different from the stock Fiat model and the steering wheel is not of the 1100-103 series but from the previous Fiat 1400. We love the ragtop too; this contributes in making this car even more special. Find it for sale at £19,500 (today $30,500) here in an unspecified area, UK. Thanks to our friend Frans for this suggestion!

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