Heart and Soul: 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint


The 750B series Giulietta Sprint is an italian popular sports cars icon of the fifties. We know, this particular car is not a Veloce but its charm and rarity makes this car however very desirable. The seller says that the last owner had it for the last 30 years and that it drives well. The paint should be the correct “Grigio chiarissimo” (pale grey), even if the seller doesn’t specify if that is the original color.


Interiors seem to be in good condition even if the upholstery need to be redone as many things are wrong, starting from the “skai” leather which is not correct. However, inside this car is 6 on 10, as the precious original steering wheel is still fitted.


Engine bay has a tired look but still many importants parts are there, starting from the original air cleaner canister which is very expensive to be bought aftermarket. No photos of the undercarriage: that’s usually a bad sign, but you’ll never know. Find it for sale at £27,500 (today $41,000) here in Porto, Portugal.

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