Early job: 1948 Fiat 1100 S Cabriolet by Vignale


Update, april 24: the new owner contacted us again regaling us more info on this car. Actually this car is based on a Fiat 1100 S chassis and engine, it’s a matching numbers car which was born as a coupé and then, probably after a crash, in 1954 was rebuilt as a cabriolet. Now it’s under restoration, we hope to have some more photos in the next future. Thanks to italian reader Giovanni for these info!

Update, april 17: the new owner contacted us asking to remove the article. The only thing that we can do for him is to remove the asking price and seller location, so we did it.

This Vignale coachbuilt Fiat should be based on a Fiat 1100 B chassis and mechanical: the seller says that it has a 1948 registration. So, this car should be one of the very early job of Alfredo Vignale who founded his coachworks in the same year. And, probably, Vignale himself put his hands over this car.


As usual, the more a car is rare, the less are the photos posted by sellers. Watching the available photos we can state that, very probably, in the past this car was equipped with bumpers which are missing. We can also suppose that this red is not the original color: Vignale was oriented in building elegant, high class cars and this paint tone doesn’t match at all with such philosophy. As we just said, there are no photos of the interiors which are the most delicate topic for a restoration as many bits were built on purpose. Not the best looking car from Vignale for sure, but it’s a very rare bird. Find it for sale at €XX,000 (today $XX,000) here in XXXXX, Italy.

3 thoughts on “Early job: 1948 Fiat 1100 S Cabriolet by Vignale

  1. We will show the car fully restored in less than one year with all the history and pictures.
    Thank you very much Galiotto brothers


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