On the shelf: 1963 Lancia Flavia Pininfarina “Jolly”


This Lancia Flavia is curiously displayed on a kind of shelf at the seller’s store. It is said to be a barn find, and it doesn’t run since 1970. It is called “Jolly”: this name was given by Ghia coachworks to a particular series of cars (especially Fiat 500 and 600) built from 1957 to 1974 to be used in sea contexts or as golf cart for wealthy people. These cars had a lot of success back then, even because they were used by many jet-set celebrities like Aristoteles Onassis.


Now the point is: is it called “Jolly” just because it has been modified according the the original philosophy, or was it really built by Ghia? The seller doesn’t provide much infos; so the only things that we can see is that the basis come from a Flavia 1500 coupé by Pininfarina, and that all the work performed on it seems the outcome of a professional hand. Better quality photos would have been welcome, so only the seller could make clear how the car was born. For sure, we never seen one like this. Find it for sale at €19,500 (today $25,500) here in Emmer, Netherlands. Thanks to dutch reader Frans for this suggestion!


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