One of few: 1969 Abarth OT 1300 Coupé


This Abarth 1300 OT is said to be not a restored car but a survivor. Very few of these (original) cars still survive and this seems a very nice OT breed representative. These cars were born as regular Fiat 850 Coupé (this is a 2nd series) and then shipped to Corso Marche at the Abarth factory.


This model is powered by the same angine of the Scorpione we published some days ago. It is fed by a double throat Solex and rated at 75 hp at 6000 r.p.m. This particular car features a Dell’Orto carburetor: not original but for sure a better option.


Interiors look clean and correct; the only doubt we have is about the steering wheel.


You must be very careful when buying one of these cars as they are very easy to fake; however the seller has posted a couple of photos of the Libretto (up) and of the original invoice. The impression is of a true OT 1300. Seeing the price increase of ’60s and ’70s Abarths in the last five years, we believe that the asking price is fair. Find it here for sale at € 27,000 (today $35,600) in Asti (AT), Italy.


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