Ti-red: 1959 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider by Touring

This 2000 Spider has definitely seen better days, but it’s still better than many “projects” seen lately.

In fact, we have seen models like this, or 2600s, so rotten that we don’t understand how they are still all in one piece, for sale at prices which, although apparently low, would have led the owner to spend crazy sums for the restoration. And yet, completely rotten cars have also been sold: it is no coincidence that we can say that this, with all its parts removed, is a good example for restoration.

It is a car born in red (it can be seen from the engine compartment and from the inside of the doors) like many of its sisters. This model was in fact offered with a palette of only 4 or 5 colors, although there was room for a customized color. All things considered, the car is complete, at least for the most important parts; it is very important that these cars are as spare parts available for the bodywork and interior are few, and in general very expensive. Find it for sale at $39,500 here in El Cajon, CA,


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