Little fins: 1960 BMW 700 Sport Coupé

Take a 1960 American coupe, make it 1:2 scale and you get a BMW 700 Coupé like this one.

Statistics say that just over 9,000 examples of this model were built by the Bavarian factory, but obviously there were much fewer in the USA: after all, the American who bought this car did it to have the pleasure of grabbing a specimen of German engineering designed by an Italian (Michelotti), certainly not due to space constraints and even less fuel consumption.

Whatever may have been the reason that led to the purchase of this small car (erroneously called Micro Car in the ad), the fact remains that it appears to be in excellent condition; it is powered by the legendary 700 cc air-cooled 4-stroke twin-cylinder boxer engine, its bodywork and interior are in excellent condition although it has two things to fix: the brakes, which do not seem to work, and a new headliner, all in all they are repairable things with little money. Find it for sale at $19,900 (o.b.o.) here in Englewood, FL.


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